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Lite Concealer

This is a much lighter color of concealer than the neutral. When used it has a light corrector to highlight areas of face to bring forward or to make look larger. This concealer is used under eyes about ¾ of an inch below the eye and more upward at a slant at top edge of cheek bone to hair line. Then blend with concealer brush, foundation brush or sponge. This will highlight the eye area and raise cheek bone.

Neutral Concealer

This concealer is for any skin color. A little dot will completely cover any blemish or imperfection. Just as concentrated as mint, but can easily be covered with mineral loose powder or mineral duo/foundation. This concealer may be used without any foundation as well. Apply same as above.

Mint Concealer

A make-up artist’s secret! This heavily pigmented “mint green” color concealer is ideal to hide dark circles under eyes and on any discoloration that your face may have. Green neutralizes red which is the base of most flaws that need to be covered. Highly concentrated a tiny bit goes a long way. Apply with a concealer brush or finger then blend with concealer brush, foundation brush or sponge. Fantastic under any crème, liquid, or soufflé foundation.