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Peel Kits

Smart Peel

These kits can bring new life to skin. Naturally derived peels can be buffered to make gentle peels or used straight to make a very strong peel. Connection of skin color, pore size, skin texture, to reduce acne use 1 – 4 to revise lines, wrinkles, and scars. Increase skin elasticity and boost collagen products. We offer these kits with different acids to help you customize treatments for your clients.

Kit Contains:

  • 1 – Cleanser – sensitive skin cleanse
  • 1 – Freshner – to balance skin P.H. and put moisture into skin
  • 1 – Honey Exfoliating Scrub – to strip skin of build up so acids and moisture can penetrate skin
  • 1 – Either: 25% Derma Renewal Glycolic P.H. 3 / 40% Derma Renewal Glycolic P.H. 2 / 55% Derma Renewal Salicylic P.H. 1 / 45% Lactic Resurfacing P.H. 0
  • (All acids can be purchased individually as well)
  • 1 – Papaya Enzyme Masque – This dehydrated Papaya Enzyme is the perfect Rejuvenation Peel by itself. For that super sensitive person or that person you are not sure how to treat, (sensitized skin). Papaya absorbs dead protein (skin cells), tightening, brightening, lightening, calming and smoothing skin surface. It releases all important amino acids back into skin to build new cells. When mixed with one of our clinical strength acids this becomes a buffered peel (we call it a smart peel) control of the burning. No down time. You start with 5 drops of acid mixed and each week with papaya mixture and work up to 20 drops, for maximum results with no down time.
  • 1 – Renew Dry Time Oil – this vitamin enriched oil is mixed with Papaya Enzyme, water or seaweed gel and your choice of AHA Acid to make the “Smart Peel” (buffered). It helps to reduce dryness to skin after peel and soothes skin. It also promotes the healing of skin.
  • 1 – Derma Guard – which is based with Hyaluronic acid and is used to replenish that extra moisture lost by the act of a peel. Able to bind 1,000 times its weight in moisture. You may apply directly to skin or mix with Cellular Rejuvenating Crème.
  • 1 – Cellular Rejuvenating Crème – this promotes the production of new cells. Promotes Epidermal Growth of collagen, elastin, and heals the skin. Trace minerals enhance the penetration factor into skin.