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ALA-K anti-aging serum

Alpha Lopic Acid is a super powerful antioxidant that is 400 times stronger than vitamin C and Vitamin E. It is an anti-inflammatory that minimizes skin’s surface imperfections such as fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores while encouraging healthy cellular function and increasing radiance. It is both fat and water soluble so it is easily absorbed through lipid layers of skin. It will greatly decrease under eye circles and puffiness. As well as reduce redness and blotchiness in skin tones. With the addition of Vitamin K to strengthen the blood vessels and minimize broken capillaries. Its capacity to regulate production of nitric oxide which controls blood flow to the skin, transforms the complexion from dull, pasty and pale to vibrant and glowing. With the addition of dimethicone which is a form of silicone, it makes it feel like a silky oil but dries and forms a proective barrier on skin. This makes a fantastic primer for any type of make-up. Increases the longevity of fresh looking make-up for hours. May be used by any and all skin types. For skin therapist has many uses for treatments.

derma renewal tox

No shots, no needles, no side effects, a natural alternative to Bo-Tox. Argireline is a freezing peptide combined with line minimizing peptide for the ultimate rejuvenator. Derma Renewal Tox is a superior preventative and ageless serum reducing the appearance of wrinkles caused by the contraction of facial muscles (expression wrinkles). Be pro-active to prevent facial wrinkle formation before they come or reduce existing lines. Any skin type may use this serum. After cleansing and toning this serum is applied in expression areas of face. Pat on and tap till it goes into skin. Then apply any product on top. For fastest results use twice daily.

cellular rejuvenating crème

Cellular Rejuvenating Crème is an internal epidermal growth factor. Cellular Rejuvenating Crème expedites healthy tissue re-growth and balances moisture while protecting from free-radical damage. This crème enhances regular regeneration and healing of new cells. A formulation with collagen, elastin, panthenol, and carrageen it will rejuvenate your skins youthful elasticity. This crème can be used by any skin type. A must after any chemical peel or microderm. Also great on any type of burn on skin. This is applied before day moisture or ALA-K anti-aging serum.