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oil-free eye make-up remover

An oil-free, color free and fragrance free eye make-up remover for sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers or lash extension wearers. This will not damage the delicate skin area. Apply to cotton pads and gently cleanse eyelids and lashes. May be used morning and night (concentrated one bottle can make three).


A gentle cleansing milk lotion for normal, sensitive, dry and dehydrated skin. Gentle enough to use on rosacea, sensitive burns, post peel or adolescent acne. This cleanser will loosen and remove excess oil, dirt, and make-up on skin. Apply a small amount to face, moisten fingers with water and using circular motions move upward and outwards on face and throat. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. May be used morning and night and also with any facial brush.

oil-free cleanser

This cleanser is for combination, oily or acne skin. This is a citrus based gel cleanser that lathers and foams to remove excess sebum (oil), dirt and make-up without damaging the skin, citrus acids and Vitamin C chemically help to strip excess oil and help control over-active sebaceous glands. Apply a small amount to face and throat with fingertips add a little water and work hands in circular motion upward and outward. Rinse face with warm water. May be used both morning and night. (May be used with any facial brush)