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honey exfoliating scrub

Honey based with ground natural almonds this is a potent organic exfoliator to remove surface dead skin cells and build-up. This is excellent for the softening and removal of blackheads. A combination of natural honey, milk, and kaolin clay this is a multi-purpose product. Apply dots of scrub to face, add water with fingertips and move hands in circular motion. You can either rinse off or let dry on skin. If you let it dry the honey and kaolin clay becomes a nourishing masque to tighten, soften, firm and moisturize skin. When dry either splash off or remove with steam towel.

5% derma renewal complex

A natural serum of Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) found in fruits and sugar cane that takes skin through a gentle corrective process. Great for all skin types it is especially beneficial for photo-aged, sensitive, young skin, rosacea-prone, dry blemished skin. Promoting pro-collagen and increasing the appearance of skin elasticity. Minimizes excess oil and enhances the look of healthy skin. This is like doing a mini peel at home to help maintain skin. Now, after cleansing and toning face at night apply 2 to 4 drops of Derma Renewal Complex to entire face and throat. Let dry, sleep in and wash face in the morning with water and continue skin regimen.

17% derma renewal complex

This mixture of Salicylic and Lactic acid is a natural blend of ingredients that support problematic skin, scars, fine lines and photo aging skin. This serum adds the perfect balance to strengthen and correct the integrity of skin. This super charged serum is ideal for clearing of skin blemishes, reduce scaring, lighten hyper-pigmentation and revising fine lines and wrinkles. Promotes the production of collagen and elasticity. The 17% Derma Renewal Complex is an active corrective serum that requires guidance of using from a skin care professional. (A versatile product that may be used alone, to spot treat lesions, blended with other products or layered under masks)