Ala-K Anti-Aging Serum

Anti-Aging Serum
(and makeup primer)

Ala-K Anti-Aging Serum

Super antioxidant 400 times more powerful than Vitamin C, Alpha Lipoic acid is the new line of defense against ageing. The Ala-K Anti-Aging Serum -  anti-inflammatory minimizes imperfections, lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores while encouraging healthy cellular function by increasing radiance. Its is both fat & water soluble so it is easily absorbed through lipid layers of skin.

It will greatly decrease under eye circle and puffiness as well as reduce redness and blotchiness in the skin tones. With the addition of Vitamin K to strengthen the blood vessels and minimize broken capillaries. It’s Capacity to regulate nitric oxide which controls blood flow to the skin, transforming the complexion from dull, pasty and pale to vibrant and glowing. Feeling like a silky oil but complete oil free. Dimethicone forms a protective barrier on the skin which makes a fantastic primer for any type of makeup. This will increase the longevity of fresh-looking makeup for hours to come! This is a two in one product every one needs.

All skin types, a great moisturizer after any professional skin treatment. Especially great on stressed skin or rosacea.

One pump is more than enough for your face & throat, but don’t stop there – use on your chest & hands. You may use it in the A.M. Or P.M. One of the best two in one product on the market.
Cylopentsiloxane- A silicone that gives a silky & slippery feel to skin and acts as a mild water repellant by firming a protective barrier on the skin.
Phytonadione- Vitamin K, which ensures blood clotting & helps to diminish vascular conditions such as dark circles under the eyes, redness from rosacea & broken capillaries.
Thioctic Acid- (Alpha Lipoic Acid) one of the most powerful antioxidants, enhancer of Vitamin C & E, keeping cells youthful. Delays formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Has anti inflammatory benefits and promotes collagen synthesis.
Helianthus Annuus-(sunflower) very high in Vitamin E acts as an emollient which trapes moisture and keeps skin hydrated. It also prevents damage to cells by ultraviolet light and aids against premature aging skin, by protecting the collagen and elastin content.
Dimethylaminoethanol – (DMAE) decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles. While brightening the skin appearance & evening out imperfection. Increase the firmness to tone & lift the skin.
Panicum Milliaceum- (millet) Seed extract – is a healing agent that regenerating, & revitalizing, repairs, anti-inflammatories & antioxidants.
Ceramides – Simple put are lipids that are found naturally in the uppermost layers of the skin. They help skin retain moisture, fortify the protective barrier and keep skin firm & plump!
Sphingolipds – are a complex, long chain of lipoids that function as skin replenishing and conditioning techniques.
Aloe Barbadense - Leaf extract – whole leaf Aloe Vera has antioxidants, enzymes, Vitamins A & C, and is highly anti-inflammatory. Great for all skin that has an inflammatory condition.
Tocopherol- (Vitamin E) this powerful antioxidant plays an important role in neutralizing free radicals, moisturizing the skin and improving the appearance of visible skin aging.
Octyldodecanol – is an emollient & emulsifier
BHT – butylated hydroxytoluene is a preservative and antioxidant.

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Ala-K Anti-Aging Serum

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My name is Mary. I’m quite sure you won’t remember me, I attended Cambridge College Of Cosmetology back in 1988, graduated in 1989. You came to Cambridge and taught a class that I attended. I am not at all surprised how successful you are in the skin care Industry. I am so excited that I have found you. I love, love, love all your products. I have never found a foundation or skin care that I have liked as much as yours. Im so excited to be able to order your wonderful products. I wish you continued success.

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