About Us

Nylynn was founded by Gregg and Deidra Gochneaur in September 1984. The Gochneaur family is no newcomer to the cosmetic industry. Their father V.G. Gochneaur was the founder of the very successful cosmetic company “Fashion Two Twenty” in 1962. That history of development, manufacturing, and sales expertise in the cosmetic industry has led to a line of products that help clients find real results. Our products are used by licensed cosmetologists, estheticians, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons.

Under new ownership since April of 2022, Nylynn Beauty is passionate about providing professional products to industry leaders as well as providing students with best-in-class products with which to learn. We supply spas, schools, and professionals throughout the United States with superior quality, water-based, hypo-allergenic, cruelty-free products that are formulated to be effective. We are dedicated to providing the best in products, customer service, and support.