Frequently Asked Questions

I can't find the products I usually order, what happened?

We're so excited to launch new packaging for your favorite items! Along with new packaging, we have updated a few of the product's names. Use the search bar at the top of the site and the listing with the updated name will come up. See a full list here.


Can I still order over the phone?

Yes! For safety reasons, we are no longer able to save credit card numbers on file for phone orders, so please have your information ready to process at the time of order.


Can I come to the office and shop?

We are happy to prepare your order for a local pickup at our office, with notice. Unfortunately we are not set up as a retail location for a traditional shopping experience. We cannot guarantee our in-office hours as they are not regular and would hate to miss your visit.


I'm not a licensed professional, can I still order the professional sized products?

Yes! The only items that require a license to purchase are the professional strength acids (Derma Renewal Complex 17%, 25%, 40%, 45%, 55%). If your account isn't verified as professional, we will reach out to verify. If we are unable to verify, the items will be refunded.


Are Gregg and Deidra still involved in the company?

Gregg and Deidra are enjoying retirement to the fullest, they are traveling and spending time with their family. See their farewell post on our Facebook page!